When to consult a Psychologist

Life is full of challenges. They come at different times and circumstances in the most unexpected way. Some people cope well after the initial impact and get on to life as if nothing happened. Others instead struggle to move on and are unable to find solution to their problems. Even happy events like marriage or birth of a child can make us loss our balance and sense of wellbeing. Each lived experience is subjective. Every one of us has different levels of tolerance to stress and to changes in life circumstances.

There are no strict guidelines when to seek professional help. The following are indications that consulting a mental health practitioner might be helpful:

  • A situation or experience causes a significant distress in your life. You feel overwhelmed by the situation and feeling unable to cope such that your normal daily routine is affected, and you are unable to perform your tasks as you generally do.
  • Your sleep pattern is affected, and you wake up tired, not wanting to do anything and feeling anxious without knowing why.
  • You stop doing the things you enjoy and shy away from friends and even from family members.
  • When you are stuck on something and cannot find a solution to your problem no matter how you tried.
  • When you are about to make a life-changing choice and unable to come up to a decision.
  • When you want to enhance your performance.